Beat your addictions, build better habits and systems, heal your brain chemistry & transform into your elite self

Project Phalanx will completely transform your life in 12 weeks


You get a full refund plus free coaching until we hit your goals

This program is for you, ONLY if you are willing to invest in the following results

  • Want to beat your addictions

  • Heal your brain chemistry

  • Fix damage from dopamine abuse

  • Build better habits

  • Beat pornography dependence

  • Beat alcohol & weed abuse

  • Stop smoking effectively

  • Stop procrastination & indiscipline

  • Get out of being stuck in a rut

  • Build momentum & conquer goals

  • Build lasting confidence

  • Stop anxiety and overthinking

  • Be driven, purposeful & ambitious

  • Stop feeling unhealthy and lethargic

  • Create flow states & laser sharp focus

  • Transform your lifestyle

  • Get back in the grind after time off

  • Live with enthusiasm for life

  • Eliminate depression and nihilism

  • Stop being lazy

  • Build a leaders temperament

  • Reject conflict avoidance

  • Eliminate fear of failure

  • Learn to handle tough situations

  • Climb out of rock bottom

  • OR, if you just need some accountability


Beat porn & social media addictions.Living a well balanced life with ZERO procrastination more discipline & purpose.Works out everyday, healthier, confident & NO anxiety now!


Quit smoking, binge eating, Got over his ex, found a new girlfriend, lost a ton of weight, training kickboxing, lifting weights & eating right.On his way to getting shredded.Our program has left such an impression that he chose to be on permanent retainer.


Found direction & purpose.Set goals, both career and personal and managed to grow exponentially.More focus, mentally tougher, beat anxiety.Has much more clarity now.


The accountability from the program helped him find momentum.He now has beat all his addictions, has 100% more clarity and discipline.Our program has given him a sense of brotherhood & purpose


Beat his addiction to porn.Better lifestyle and fitness habits, fully committed to his goals and purpose.Transformed from regular guy into extremely confident and assertive high achiever.


Beat porn and sugar addictions.100% more focus & drive.Lifestyle overhaul with fitness, nutrition & better habits.


Severely depressed, suicidal, no goals, no ambition, drowning in alcohol & marijuanaNow,Full sobriety, ZERO alcohol or weed abuse completely transformed med student brimming with purpose & promise.Better relationships with daughter and family.Healthier & happier than ever.

12 weeks on our training program & YOU can get similar results!Backed by our full refund guarantee. We only get paid, if you hit your goals.

Friends and family can't believe the complete change & transformation.No more dreaming, its time you manifest your vision & transform into your elite self.


Beat compulsive marijuana smoking and alcohol abuse, erratic sleep cycle, brain fog in 12 weeks.Better relationship with wife & kids now.


Beat weed smoking and kratom abuse.Fully in control, working on breaking xanax / adderall use.Complete mindset shift from lethargy & addiction to getting in shape & fully focused to spend time with his 6 month old daughter.

12 weeks to hit reset and build the lifestyle YOU want to live

  • Learn how to beat your addictions with the most efficient systemic & scientific approach to addiction resolution

  • Fix your dopamine reward centers and heal your energy reserves

  • Build habits that last with you for a lifetime

  • Rebuild your life with more structure & embrace discipline & balance

  • Transform your life with our systems designed from evidence based, real world principles that work.

  • Break out of your rut & build positive momentum to create a life you always desired

  • Set goals as your mission statement and get 1 on 1 mentorship & accountability to conquer every single goal

  • Reject mediocrity & explore your full potential.

  • Custom training plan designed to align with your goals

ZERO risk, backed by our full refund guarantee

Get access to 1 on 1 coaching and ELITE TRAINING PROTOCOLS that help you conquer life using cutting edge neuroscience, behavioral psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and my personal experience coaching 100’s like you

Brother, I know exactly how you feel right now.

Maybe you're suffering. You feel inadequate, you may feel like you could be doing more, like there's something missing.. or your life probably feels like it's a mess. You feel lazy and complacent, your relationships are suffering, your finances can be better, your health is not optimal.You're stuck in habit loops that are eating into everything you love and cherish.
ALL of this makes you feel like you are NOT living up to the quality of life you desire for yourself & your full potential is left untouched, wasting away..OR you could be someone who was very active and productive.. but like with many of us, the responsibilities of life have made you complacent..Now you're looking to get back in the game.I'm sure you've tried to get better. You muster all the courage you have & decide to change, maybe even sought outside help.You set a date and with all your willpower begin..1, 2, 3, ... 4 days go by, maybe a week you resist with all your willpower and then inevitably, for some unknown reason YOU FAIL.Over and over again.Sucked back into your old patterns of behavior.. back into the chaos loop.Defeated, driven deeper into your personal hell, losing all hope to ever escape and live the life you've always wanted.Why does this happen?Because brother, The human will is not infinite, it is unreliable. You rely on your willpower. This is why you fail.It's not your fault. You've been lied to. You've been told over and over that with sufficient willpower you can change the way you live..This is not true.The truth is, the human will is profound ONLY when you train it relentlessly and turn it into a weapon..For an average man its use is limited.Especially when you already struggle with discipline and have a poor brain chemistry profile from years of dopamine abuse and terrible lifestyle choices.Brother, understand this..All great acts of inspiring life transformations begin with an intense desire and desperation for change. You know this, you've felt this emotion..But there's more to this,What begins with emotion and desire for change, is sustained ONLY through the right systems and processes.Otherwise willpower falls to temptation, emotions fizzle out, motivation flickers.. and you fail.This following statement is crucial to your healing - All addictions are dopamine addictions and all the habits you are trying to beat are just dopamine dependence in disguiseThe only way to completely transform your life is by healing your brain chemistry and dopamine receptors to ensure, you never fall into the same traps again.This is exactly what the Phalanx Coaching program will teach you.

The Phalanx coaching program 'Project Phalanx' is built on a systemic approach to life transformation.Our specialized training methodologies are called ‘Agoge transformation systems’ and they have been proven time and again to deliver exceptional results.

'Agoge' named after the ancient Spartan school of warrior training.

Agoge transformation systems build systems to optimize every aspect of your life that are currently holding you back

Systems to build discipline

Strategic guidance to build structure and discipline from the ground up. Gain skills to see all tasks to completion.

Systems to fight addictions

Elite training methods on breaking addictions & relapse prevention with elements of neuroscience, behavior change therapy and psychology.

Systems to eliminate procrastination

Methodical practices to eliminate all wastefulness, lethargy and procrastination.

Systems to set and conquer any goal

Set goals and get personal guidance to help you accomplish them. Your goals will be our collective mission.

Systems to heal your brain chemistry

Learn how to make significant lifestyle changes and reset your dopamine receptors to baseline.

Systems to build momentum

Learn how to move from zero, stuck in a rut to embracing your glorious future.

Systems to build accountability

Get mentorship for 12 weeks and stay accountable to your tasks and training sessions.

Systems to completely transform your life

Complete physical, mental, emotional health restoration and transformation.

Features of the program

Learning modules

Understanding your behavior patterns is key to transformation. Get exclusive access to in depth training modules specific to your situation.Science backed, no bullshit, actionable.
WORTH $2,999.

Trackers and tools

Worksheets, trackers and tools to help you keep track of, log and maintain progress.Custom worksheets with each module, custom trackers to always be on top of your game.Tailored to your requirements.
WORTH $1,999.

Tasks & To-do's

Modules are accompanied by tasks and to-do's.Put into practice everything you learn immediately. Action based coaching.No mindless reading, we focus on results & progressive overload.Add and tick off tasks as you progress on the program.WORTH $999.

Habit tracking

Track daily, weekly habits. Add custom habits to track or follow the plan I create, based on your unique training requirements. Accessible to both you and coach for accountability.
WORTH $199.

1 on 1 coaching sessions

Interact with your coach directly. Get personal coaching and mentoring sessions with the best in the business. Fully equipped to answer all your questions and hand hold you through any and all road blocks. Complete accountability guaranteed.
WORTH $4,999.

Discussion forum

QnA sessions and discussion forum access to ask questions, get feedback and make incremental changes to your life everyday. Progressive overload is the name of the game.
WORTH $499.

Direct access via text

Feeling like a relapse? Anxiety building up or just fancy a chat. Get personal access to me via text messaging.

Progress meetings

No more set and forget. We will set goals and track them daily and weekly.

Custom coaching plan

No cookie cutter coaching. You get your own personal training plan per your needs.


Get an option to have a personal accountability partner (family or friends) in addition to your coach.


Achieve milestones & build momentum along the way. Turn your journey into something you look forward to.


Additional resources from our vaults to help improve your knowledge and well being at your disposal.


Any query or unanswered questions you may have will be solved through my extensive network of experts in every domain.

Unleash your full potential & commit 100% to manifesting the greatness within you.

  • Stop running away from reality and escaping into addiction. Dig deep into your mind to understand & eliminate your unconscious shackles

  • Stop hitting reset over and over again like walking into a revolving door. Heal your brain chemistry & eliminate the root cause for relapse & low energy once and for all

  • Stop procrastinating important tasks & take back control of your life. Heal your mind, body and spirit & transform into your best self

  • Build a warriors mindset & create true meaning in life. Make purposeful living your lifestyle.

  • Get coaching to walk you through the whole process step by step. Build genuine connection with your coach and become part of an elite brotherhood.

  • Reconnect with your true self and wash away all mental toxicity from poor lifestyle choices

  • Progressively add and accumulate good habits that align your lifestlye with your vision

  • Build your life up in a way that excites you to get out of bed each morning !!

  • Stop getting robbed of life & time, put your foot down and take your first step to genuine change.

Everything you need, to completely transform your life

12 weeks on our program is all it takes to transform into your best physical, mental & emotional self.

Here's some more testimonials :

Since I’ve been working with SpartanPsyche, my quality of life has improved so much. My mind is clearer, I am a happier person, I beat my addiction.. I have added all these value adding activities to my day. I meditate, I workout, I stretch, I go for walks, I even started a business.. Which I would have never done without him.

- Joris

SpartanPsyche.. This guy is GOLD man believe me. I joined his program in December and my life has changed because of it. I have all these good habits now. I hit the gym, eat healthy and most importantly.. I have goals right now. To achieve something in my life and make something out of it. I do not want to be someone who has not left a mark on this world.. And right now I am on the right track to do this.. And this is all possible due to King Leonidas.

- Sage

I am a part of King Leonidas (SpartanPsyche’s) group coaching and I must say there is nothing like it out there. There is incredible energy and it is perfect for people who want to move forward in life. I highly recommend SpartanPsyche’s coaching I joined very early and I am very happy to be part of this team.

- Marc

I would like to recommend SpartanPsyche to support you for any tough life decisions, any tough problems like addictions, relationships. I had a big problem with my ex and SpartanPsyche helped me get over it. I have beat my smoking and junk food addiction.. I exercise everyday like hell and am living my best life ever. I can fully recommend SpartanPsyche coaching.

- Adam

I was looking for answers on how to move on to the next phases of my life. That was when I was introduced to SpartanPsyche. His teachings made an instant mark on me. I was made aware of my limiting beliefs & habits immediately. Now, I meditate everyday, workout, have perfect clarity about my goals and how to go about it.

- DS

Being in Spartan's transformation program has helped me live an intentional life, finding my path and working for what I really want, setting priorities in life and moving each and every day towards my goals.

- Hareesh

I have found in Leonidas a mentor from a distance. I was homeless, unemployed & 3 months later I have a job, a place to sleep and am working towards mastery. Thanks and gratitude is what I have for you.

- Pedro

I have followed @Spartanpsyche's advice on pornography & masturbation. His advice is gold and I've never relapsed since then. He is by far the best account on twitter on life transformation.

- Art of consistency

There's room for 5 clients every month

We take our job seriously and really dive deep with each and every client. We only have so many hours available every week and can accept only 5 clients every month.

Our service is not for everyone. It's best suited for individuals who are committed & want to invest in their transformation

If you are ready to take the next step, want to transform into your best self & get the results you want,Apply today and enquire if we have any spots left

ZERO risk, backed by our full refund guarantee

Listen closely, my friend....

There are a few things in life you can NEVER get back once lost.A child's innocence, a man's honor, a wasted opportunity, trust after betrayal, but more importantly.. LOST TIME.This transformation of yours, all of these problems that you are desperately trying to solve.. it's a very brave and powerful attempt to do this very thing.An attempt to make good for the time you've lost & make sure you don't lose any more.You and I both know you cannot afford to lose any more time,
no matter what the cost.
You have a choice. You can go back to living your old life, failing, wasting, losing and suffering.. Feeling pangs of guilt and disappointment every time you are reminded of the life you are missing out onOR,You can take this opportunity I offer & use it as your instrument for awakening. Pull yourself out of the darkness and begin to walk the path of excellence.The fact remains this,There is only one man standing in your way and you will find him looking right back at you, when you look in the mirror.He is your only obstacle. The one who stands between who you are & who you can be.All you need to do is fight him, one day at a time, every single day.. until he gives up & let's you evolve into who you were meant to be.Fight this man in the mirror long enough & you WILL beat him into submission.However, you have an advantage.Brother, This man in the mirror.. He is alone.
You're not.. You have me.
Let me help you.

More testimonials :

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know, before you sign up.

How does this work?

STEP 1: On hitting book a free call, you will be redirected to my application form where you will apply for a free consultation. (I get over 50 applicants a day so I need to filter out who I get on calls with)If you qualify, I will reach out and give you access to my calendar where you can schedule a consultation.This is an initial diagnosis and strategy call where we will discuss your life, goals and all the bottlenecks that are currently holding you back.STEP 2 : Following this call, my team will design systems and training protocols specific to your goals, based on the information collected on call. (maybe additional questionnaires) and create a comprehensive 12 week training proposal for you.STEP 3: You will then review your training plan & If in agreement give us the OK to move forwardSTEP 4: You will sign up with payment & begin your 12 weeks of coaching with me.

How much time and money investment?

This is a premium training program that is designed to overhaul your complete lifestyle and deliver a new you in 12 weeksThink about this,You can continue what you have been doing, invest nothing & get the same results as always which is FAILURE.OR you can invest a moderate sum into our program, that offers zero financial risk with a full refund guarantee. PLUS give you results as shown by our abundant testimonials and client results.You can expect to invest around $4997 on our programYou can always make more money in the future.
But how will you rewind time to get back another day wasted?
Besides..You will pay ONLY AFTER you have reviewed your training plan and give us the go ahead.You will also be eligible for our full refund guarantee on sign up.To really transform your life you will need to be thinking about it, or at least have your goals in the back of your mind 24*7.In terms of coaching expect to be in touch with me during your day through text messaging and also have a 20 - 30 min pre - scheduled progress meeting call when required.

Full refund guarantee?

Absolutely.We are 100% confident on the quality of our work and the value we deliver to clients on the program.Terms of guarantee : You must contact your coach at least twice a day to monitor your statusFollow all strategies in training planAttend all progress meetingsIf you follow this & after the stipulated period, fail to see satisfactory progress you can request a full refund.To go the extra mile, we will also work with you for an additional 12 weeks for free.

Are you qualified to coach me?

Please go through my twitter account @SpartanPsyche and read my free report 'The last reset'. It should answer all your questions. My credibility is exceptional & my skill in transforming lives and inspiring people for change is unparalleled.I’ve helped clients quit porn, weed, tobacco, alcohol, escorts, Kratom, social media, gambling, compulsive lying, among othersAll sorts of compulsive behavior or substance dependence.I’ve also helped them build confidence, beat anxiety, beat depression, beat procrastination, beat lethargy, build discipline, build social skills, be insanely productive, improve relationships, get over breakups, completely revamp mindsets, build a champion's belief system.In short, Complete life transformation.This is my specialty & I am VERY GOOD at what I do.

I've tried everything before and failed, will this work for me?

The Phalanx program is not just a quick fix to keep you motivated and disciplined for 12 weeks. It is a healing and transformation program.Every client undergoes a radical mindset shift on their outlook towards life. We also take all the necessary steps to heal your brain chemistry through various evidence based techniques.This will ensure you do not fall into those same patterns of behavior & dopamine loops once you finish the program.

How is this different from the other programs out there?

The Phalanx program prides itself in its flexibility and its ability to adapt to your specific requirements.Our agoge transformation systems combine the most effective knowledge, tools & methods from science, psychology, psychotherapy, philosophy and real world nuance into a VERY POWERFUL, VERY EFFECTIVE system of training.We focus on healing the brain. Once we get this right, everything else will fall into place.Very unique, there's nothing like it out there.

What if I happen to fall back into my old habits after program ends?

This is highly unlikely.Mindset training is a very powerful part of your coaching. On the program you are trained on how to think to ensure all changes are permanent.However, we also understand that sometimes people slip up. If this ever happens, be rest assured.Every single client gets access to me for the rest of your life. You can message me any time and talk to me about your situation & I will be glad to help & ensure you get back on track - for no additional cost.

I'm just a simple XYZ, can I apply to the program?

If you are willing to invest & commit time & resources into transforming your life and manifesting your full potential, you are welcome to apply.I've worked with stock trading millionaires, tech leaders, investment bankers, real estate businessmen & also college students, retail workers, blue collar employees & daily wage regular people.It does not matter who you are, what gender and where you come from.As long as you have a firm desire to change and time and resources to invest, you are welcome on our program.

I'm very busy with professional and private life, will this work for me?

Our training systems involve learning modules that you can complete on your own time. You will also have tasks to complete & habits to track. In addition to having conversations with me.Although this may seem intensive, it is manageable. I would not overthink this. Usually the training plan is designed to work around your schedule.Do not let this time constraint excuse be something that holds you back from genuine betterment.

So, If I apply I'm guaranteed a spot?

That depends.We get a high volume of applicants every month.On our primary consultation call, I will be evaluating your interest in the program & IF we will be a good fit to work together.Working with you for 12 weeks is a huge time commitment for me. I need to be sure that you are the right fit for us and vice versa.Generally, applicants who display genuine commitment & desire to transform their lives are more likely to be accepted.

Let me think about this?

Sure. I understand that this can be a considerable financial investment to some.(We firmly believe the results we provide FAR outweigh our prices)However, I want you to keep in mind that with the amount of interest that our program generates, it will be highly unlikely we can hold a spot for you. It is always first come, first served.We only accept limited clients every cohort to ensure full attention on each client.

I have more questions, how do I reach out to you?

If you have any questions or need any clarification before you apply, feel free to DM me on twitter @SpartanPsyche

Ready to begin?
Your elite self awaits.


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